Group Construction


The purpose of the group construction type is to encourage employees to have higher work efficiency and fighting spirit to achieve greater company performance at each stage. So it is obvious that the former group construction is from the perspective of employees, while the latter is from the perspective of enterprises. These two forms of league building are necessary and should be combined.

Because even the latter type of group construction is no longer as rigid as the traditional group construction, the current performance incentive group construction will combine some outdoor expansion or some more interesting forms of interaction to motivate employees, so as long as the appropriate adjustment ratio is combined, the role of the two types of group construction can be maximized.

Eudola Company arranges group building activities for its colleagues during the meeting to enrich their spare time life, relax their work pressure, achieve the effect of combining work with rest, and let employees release the pressure of daily work.

Group construction

Group construction

Group construction

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